Deja Boutique, 553 Mast Rd, Goffstown, NH between Subway & Supercuts. Just over the Manchester line!


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      Hi all and welcome to the evolution of Deja Boutique! My husband Josh and I have been talking about starting our own business for, well, let's just say FOREVER! We thought of opening a restaurant, an auto parts store, a nutritional consulting business...but at the back of my mind always burned that little flame that ultimately burst out screaming...consignment store!!

      Open a consignment store! I've always loved second hand goods. Even before Josh and I were both laid off from our corporate jobs (within three days of each other) where we made a relatively strong income, I never saw the need to spend large sums of money on "stuff". Seriously, who is the smart one when two people have the same Coach purse and one paid retail while the other paid close to nothing because it was used? "Stuff" is like soon as you drive it off the lot...or walk it out of the's used!

      Anyway, I do love quality goods. I'd much rather buy something quality second hand than a cheapo version new. My fashion sense is generally well received, but to the frustration of my friends when they ask where I got my super-cool dress or adorable pants, I always say at a second hand store. Yup, my fashion is inexpensive AND you can't copy it because it's not sitting on the rack at every store in the mall!

      So fast forward to earlier this year when Josh and I had both lost our jobs and were tossing around ideas on what to do. We opted to see this as a blessing. We were miserable in our corporate jobs that really only served to bind us in golden handcuffs financially - the pay was so good we couldn't leave of our own avail. The layoffs made that decision for us!

     Now we have the honor and privilege of opening a store that we will not only enjoy running, but will serve to lift the Goffstown community to higher elevations.

     Are you a small business owner? Come on in and we'll work on an agreement to sell your (appropriate) goods in the store! Do you have quality clothing, furniture, or home decor eating up space in your home? Come on in and consign with us! Are you on a budget and looking to be super stylish? Well, duh...come in!

     Do you crave that unique or upcycled piece of furniture that would just complete your home? Check us out! Do you need unique and thoughtful gifts for your friends or family? We have you covered! Are you looking to get healthy or learn about nutrition? We have wellness lines and education for you! (Plus samples, never forget the samples!) Finally, are you looking for a place where community is vital, sustainability for our earth is a priority, and where you can feel comfortable and welcome every time you enter? We're here for you!


Pay us a visit friends. We'd love to have you!