Starting in September of 2016, we will be asking each consignor who drops off new items if they would allow us to allocate one or more of their items to be placed on a scholarship account.

Within the store, we are going to create a distinct consignor account. Each item donated by consignors to this account, when sold, will go toward funding a scholarship for a graduating Goffstown High School student! The award will be based on leadership, academia, activism, and future goals.

This is crowd sourcing at its best, friends! With a simple article of clothing that you no longer wear, we, as a community, will be able to contribute to the education of a deserving student!

The amount of the scholarahip is unknown at this point. As scholarship season approaches, we will announce the amount raised and Deja Boutique will be contributing an additional amount to bring the total award to the next $250 increment (for example, if we raised $1,062, Deja Boutique would contribute and additional $188 to bring the total to $1,250!).

We will be tagging these items with a gold sticker letting you know when your purchase is a scholarship item. Watch for these items! We are so honored to be able to contribute to such an amazing community!