Designer Sunglasses Needed!
Designer Sunglasses Needed!

Consignment Terms and Conditions: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

We accept up to 25 items per appointment.  Items must be clean, wrinkle free, and have no odor.  If there are buttons, zippers, snaps, etc, please close them as this will ensure that you have verified that they are not missing and that they work.

Items will be full price for one month.

After that, items will be at a 25% discount for the second month.

The following month they will be 50% off.  At any point during this final month, you MUST come pick up any unsold items that you want returned to you.  We do not have storage for items that are not picked up, so there can be no exceptions to this rule.

1.       All consignments are by appointment only.  If time permits Deja Boutique will process items while the consignor waits, but this may not always be a possibility.

2.       We only accept items that are currently in demand.  Age and style may vary, but the final decision on what to accept is that of Deja Boutique and its employees.  Deja Boutique will notify consignor if they did not accept dropped off items.  Consignor will have 48 hours to pick them up before they become the property of Deja Boutique.

3.       It could take up to 1 month for merchandise to be put out on the sales floor.

4.       Item prices will be set by Deja Boutique with the input of the consignor if they choose to participate in the pricing process.  Final pricing decisions will be made by Deja Boutique. See "How we price" below.

6.       Markdowns for unsold items (likely to change as we grow!):

Items are marked down 25% after the first full month on the floor

Items are marked down 50% after the second full month on the floor

Items are removed from the sales floor following the third full month on the floor. 

7.       All merchandise can be put “on sale” for a store¬≠wide or event specific sale at any time.  Payment to consignor is based on actual sales price.  Any sales fees or shipping charges are deducted prior to the commission split.

8.       Deja Boutique is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

9.       After the sale period, all unsold items will become the property of Deja Boutique unless otherwise specified in this contract.  They may be donated to Goffstown’s Community Clothing Center, Impact Apparel, or held aside for future sales events.

10.     You may pick up all unsold items any time during the 50% markdown period.  Deja Boutique will provide an inventory of your items and you will need to locate them within the store.  Items not picked up within this time period become the property of Deja Boutique.  It is your responsibility to know when your items must be picked up.

11. ** Commission Policy ** 

Item Type

Commission Split

Items priced under $50

50% / 50%

Items priced $50 and over

40% Deja Boutique / 60% Consignor

13. Checks must be requested as Deja Boutique does not automatically send checks. They can be requested by phone or in person. Mailed checked will come from Bellwether Community Credit Union.  Cash may be given at the discretion of Deja Boutique.

14.  Checks are mailed from our bank and as such they may not be picked up in store.  There is a $1.00 check/processing/mailing fee for each check. 

15.  Each item is subject to a $0.50 fee for processing/entering.

I have read this consignor contract and I hereby agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth by Deja Boutique’s Contract. I also agree that this contract remains valid for all of my future consignment, unless I am asked to sign a new contract if Deja Boutique’s Policy changes.

(Signature will be obtained in store on our policy summary card)


Items must be clean, wrinkle free, odor free, and otherwise ready for sale.  If they have zippers, snaps, buttons, etc, please make sure they are closed because this ensures that you have checked that they work!

Please do not bring us shoeboxes unless the original value of the shoes is $50 or more AND the shoes are in "like-new" condition.

No thank you brands include the following.  This is due to the fact that the noted brands do not sell well and if they do, the price is too low to justify allotting the floor space for them.  Thank you for understanding!

Alfred Dunner



Baby Connection



Child of Mine

Faded Glory

Fashion Bug

French Toast



Gloria Vanderbilt


Jumping Bean

Koala Kids





No Boundaries

Okie Dokie

Old Navy



St John's Bay

Van Huesen

White Stag


How we price...

Such a complex process! Our software allows us to see what the same items are priced at in online stores of varying demographics. (This means that the very same item may bring different amounts depending on market fluctuations!)

We then consider that one can set any price they like...whether it is realistic or not, so from there we try to delve in to sold items.

We don't want our pricing to be the same as online stores, even though you get the item from us immediately as opposed to waiting for shipping, so we generally land on a price about 20% lower than online stores.

From there we add or subtract a few dollars for condition, style, colors, season, or other variations.

***And we do this for every item!***

Overall, we sell quality items at reasonable prices that benefit both the consignor and the customer. Enjoy!