Happy 2017 all! It's going to be what you make of it! Those of you who know us, whether personally or through the store, know that we've experienced some major challenges recently.

From family illnesses to relocations and needing to offer support to family members for a myriad of reasons.

There have been days when I'm so busy...that I start one task, get part way through with it, start another and repeat that several times ultimately realizing that I've accomplished nothing. It's the mantra of overly busy people. We want to help everyone, and in doing so struggle to help ourselves.

It bodes mention of the airline quote that we all know..."parents, place your oxygen mask on first, then help your children".

Anyway, even in excessively busy and strenuous circumstances, I seek out a few five minute quiet periods. I close my eyes and focus on being grateful. I thank the universe for the wonders of my world and the world around me, and send out positive energy.

We truly do choose how we want to live. We can rule our emotions instead of having them rule us. We can let go of the stresses that we can't control, attack what we can, and be content that we are moving in the direction intended for us.

I find that even in the most stressful situations...I sing. Without knowing it, I'm singing. It's peaceful. I hope, in 2017, you can sing too.